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Best Autumn Available

Best Autumn Available

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Best Autumn Available

From Jessi (Mislaid Pages):
Anyone who has known Mislaid Pages for long, knows that when I sign off, I wish everyone 'the best rest of the day available' to them. Why do I do this? It's a little something I picked up from Michelle of Bendy Stitchy Designs a while back - not everyone can have a 'great day'. We're all facing our own struggles and, often, those struggles aren't visible to others. Wishing someone the 'best day available' to them acknowledges those struggles, invisible or not, and lets them know that you really do wish the best for them. 
So how could I not love the idea of wishing everyone the best autumn available to them?? 
Abby's newest design does just that. Now, you too can wish everyone the best autumn available to them!

And, since Abby has designed this as part of @xstitchtherainbow you can stitch it using the Cottage Garden Autumn Garden palette thread pack also available for pre-order!

Fabric: 14ct Cocoa Aida by Fiber on a Whim

Size: 60 x 60

Threads: Cottage Garden Autumn Garden Palette Thread Pack


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