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Treenway Silks

Treenway Silks - Set of 16 Natural-Dyes Colors

Treenway Silks - Set of 16 Natural-Dyes Colors

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With one simple click, all 16 drool-worthy natural-dye colors can be yours to stimulate your creativity! 
That's 160 yards of gorgeous silk thread.

Harmony—100% Spun Silk—6 strand floss

--equivalent in size and twist to cotton embroidery floss
--each of the individual 6 strands is a 2-ply thread for pleasurable stitching
--Harmony silk thread can easily be divided or “stranded”

Hand-dyed in Colorado--color fast

Harmony thread is dyed with natural dye extracts derived from plants, roots, barks, berries and insects.
     The natural dyes used are from responsible, sustainable sources that are organic and fair traded.
     The dye recipes, formulated exclusively for Treenway Silks, use only safe, non-toxic, earth-friendly mordants and procedures that yield good to excellent wash and light-fastness.
Wash in tepid or slightly warm water.

The silk is from the Bombyx mori silk worm, often referred to as "mulberry" silk.

10 yards per skein (1/2 skein fits onto a standard sewing machine bobbin)

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