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Long Dog Samplers

Variant of Interest

Variant of Interest

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Variant of Interest

From Long Dog Samplers:

This Variant of Interest, LDS II, may lurk unobserved on the Long Dog website for weeks, maybe even months, but once it comes to the notice of stitchers it only takes one look and the infection begins to spread. Usually, through word of Tweet and occasionally through bodily fluids when sharing needles (which is not recommended).

Once LDS II has been downloaded it can remain dormant as a computer file almost indefinitely and even in the WIP stage it progresses very slowly and could take years to run its course, particularly if it becomes embedded in a rotation or stitch-along group. It’s entirely in the hands of the stitcher how long the agony will be prolonged; leave it in a dark workbox and the symptoms will persist relentlessly but a hands-on approach could see the whole thing done and dusted in a couple of months. The good news is that once framed immunity is guaranteed in 99.9% of all cases. It’s only that unlucky 0.1% with a weakened defence system that ever go through it all more than once. There is currently no vaccination available to give even a modicum of protection against LDS II. but I’m ok, I’ve already had it. Jools

Stitch Count: 198 x 424

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